Company Profile
RayOptik: The International Brand

RayOptik International Pte Ltd is the global Master Licensee of Gelpag Advance Technology GmbH, a global technology company headquartered in Germany.

RayOptik International Pte Ltd is one of the world-leading companies in providing daylight harvesting and energy-efficient solutions through advanced coatings for Architectural and Automotive glass.

RayOptik window film is another superior flagship product marketed by RayOptik International Pte Ltd.


Provide superior coating solutions through our technological innovation, creating exceptional values to the product that exceed our customers' expectation.


Improving quality of life by making Nano-materials attainable and affordable for the future generations.

Corporate Value
Technological Innovation

RayOptik pioneers innovation and development of quality products which offer superior performance to cater to the diverse customers' requirements.


RayOptik is dedicated to become a reliable source of unrivalled solutions to our customers and stakeholders through our understanding of their needs.


RayOptik believes in mutually beneficial collaborations with quality partners to accomplish our mission.


RayOptik strives to be a global leader with remarkably advanced products which are highly appreciated and trusted worldwide.
"Excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude." Ralph Marston

Corporate Value
Delivering Quality

RayOptik supplies world-class quality products that are price-competitive. We are also responsive to customers' needs in providing the best solutions for their benefit.

Cultivating Creativity

RayOptik promotes innovation through the constant application of creativity and openness to explore new possibilities in both management and technology.

Developing Our People

RayOptik provides opportunities for our employees to upgrade their knowledge and skills to assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

About Us
About Us
Advance Nano-Ceramics

RayOptik endeavours to bring the excellent solar shielding benefits of Advance Nano-Ceramics to consumers with our range of high-tech solar films and coatings manufactured using the award-winning patented High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) technology.

RayOptik's Advance Nano-Ceramic product outperforms all other types of ceramic products available in the market today such as Common Ceramic, Metallised, Dyed, Multi-Layered and more.

About Us
Consistence Performance

Advance Nano-Ceramic has superior infra-red rejection compared to traditional dye, metallised and ceramic.

Outstanding Resilience

Advance Nano-Ceramic is more durable compared to dye, metallised and multi-layer films.

High Optimal Transparency

Advance Nano-Ceramic has zero rainbow effect and low visible light reflection compared to dye and metallised films.

About Us
Corporate Milestones
  • GELPAG Gessellschaft für Elektrotechnische Produkte und Anlagen GmbH was established in Germany specialising in the development, production, sales and services for products in the field of Intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution with an investment of USD5million Phase 1 Self-Energy Technology R&D.

    Collaborations with NanoMaterials Technology Pte Ltd in Singapore & Xiamen NMT Technology Co. Ltd in China, was successfully awarded International Patents Rights for High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) Technology. HGCP Technology can be used for Specialty Chemical, Energy Technology, Coating and Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • GELPAG group profile expanded to include GAT Malaysia, Xiamen Huadian and GAT Germany for markets in Southeast Asia, China and Europe respectively. 39 Licensees were appointed internationally to market GAT products and services.

  • GAT successfully developed a complete series of circuit breaker and switchgears, which were successfully tested in IPH institute in Berlin, Germany. The series was awarded International Patent in the same year.

  • GAT's investors moved to strategically invest in NMT shares after 7 years collaborations.

  • The start of Phase 3 investment of USD60 million into R&D programs to develop Energy System & Intelligent Power Substation system, extending into Specialty Chemicals & Pharmaceutical to develop Nano additives.

  • Construction of a new headquarters in Lampertheim, Germany, to support production of Medium Voltage Switchgears and Apparatus, Electronic Measuring & Control equipment for Switchgears, production of Capacitors and Nano-materials Distribution. Our HGCP Technology also won a special award in the International Nano-Tech Show in Japan.

  • 1st generation of Solar Film using our HGCP technology displaying outstanding solar protection characteristics (95% of Infra-Red on 60% Visible Light Transmission film) was successfully produced.

  • Two additional types of solar films (70% & 75% of Visible Light Transmission) were produced using our HGCP Technology that also displayed impressive result of rejecting more than 90% Infra-Red.

  • Jan:
    RayOptik Brand Name was registered for International Trademark filing.

    RayOptik solar film obtained certification from TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd in Singapore for displaying excellent solar optical properties and outstanding durability based on Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break & Tear Resistance. The tests were concluded based on the ISO and ASTM International Test standards.

    GELPAG Gessellschaft für Elektrotechnische Produkte und Anlagen GmbH was renamed to GELPAG Advance Technology GmbH to reflect the company's new business direction that focuses on Research and Development (R&D), Trade Marking and New Technologies in the field of Nano-materials. RayOptik International Pte Ltd was established and appointed as the Global Licensee to market our award-winning HGCP Technology in the solar film and coating industry at a global scale.