Film Benefits
HGCP Technology for Solar Films

RayOptik endeavours to bring the excellent solar shielding benefits of Advance Nano-Ceramics to consumers with our range of high-tech solar films and coatings manufactured using the award-winning patented High Gravity Controlled Precipitation (HGCP) technology. RayOptik's Advance Nano-Ceramic product outperforms all other types of ceramic products available in the market today such as Common Ceramic, Metallised, Dyed, Multi-Layered and more.

Consistence Performance

Advance Nano-Ceramic has superior infra-red rejection compared to traditional dye, metallised and ceramic.

Outstanding Resilience

Advance Nano-Ceramic is more durable compared to dye, metallised and multi-layer films.

High Optimal Transparency

Advance Nano-Ceramic has zero rainbow effect and low visible light reflection compared to dye and metallised films.

Film Benefits
The Solar Film for the Car Alficionado.

Do you feel like you're driving an oven on sunny days? Is the Sun glare distracting you from focusing on the road? At RayOptik, we are drivers too and we truly understand how you feel. Driving in comfort is one of the most important criteria that most car owners look forward to. Whether it is driving to work or driving the family to the beach, RayOptik Solar Film will ensure that every journey is a pleasant one for you and your loved ones.

Stay Cool Because You're Protected.

RayOptik Solar Film offers superior shielding of your vehicle's occupants and interior.

  • Superior Ultra Violet blocking of up to 99%
  • High Infra-red rejection of up to 96%
  • Protects vehicle occupants from skin damage
  • Shields vehicle's interior from fading and cracking
Greater Comfort With Bigger Savings Is Possible.
The Solar Film for the Smart Home Owner.

Feeling warm and stuffy at home? Frustrated with the damaging effects of the Sun's rays on your home's furnishing? We truly understand the worries of the home owner. We are aware of how costly it is to replace home furniture damaged due to prolong exposure to UV rays. Hence, we are proud to bring you RayOptik Window Solar Film, the solution to your problems with additional benefits

The Brilliant Solution to Investment Protection.

RayOptik Solar Film offers superior Sun shielding of your home's contents.

  • Ultra Violet rejection of up to 99%, helps prevent fading of furniture and flooring thus extending their life span
  • Significantly reduces cost of replacement of home furnishing tarnished by fade
Whatever Happens Indoors, Stay Indoors.

RayOptik Solar Film enhances your privacy at home.

  • Reflective window solar film allows light to pass through while providing privacy in daylight
  • Blackout (opaque) and frosted decorative films blocks the view your home's interior from prying eyes
Automotive Automotive
The Solar Film Trusted by Architects and Designers.

Today's modern architecture employ extensive usage of glass in the construction of breath-taking skyscrapers and futuristic office buildings. However, while glass is beautiful, it also causes the greenhouse effect, allowing UV and infra-red rays to pass through, warming up the air within the building. To combat the harmful effects of the Sun's rays, RayOptik Solar Film is the trusted solution of innovative building architects and designers.

Minimising Wastage While Maximising Comfort.

RayOptik Solar Film helps to minimise energy wastage while maximising comfort in buildings.

  • Greater restriction of the Sun's ray through glass windows buildings improves comfort and maintain temperature indoors
  • Excellent heat reduction significantly reduces air-conditioning usage which leads to savings in cooling costs
The Next Level of Building Safety & Security.